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Amethyst + Gold
Amethyst + Gold

Amethyst + Gold

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🖐🏼 Handmade Traditional tie-on from GHANA.  52 inches in size. Fits waist 52" or smaller.  Excess beads are removed and strand tied on.  

This strand is beautifully strung together with gold beads, clear crystal beads and amethyst stones.



Spiritual: Facilitates focus on prayer and meditation.  Promotes stillness and reflection while connecting the user with spirit and angels.

Emotional:  Eases anxiety and tension.  Promotes calmness and allays anger.  Brings the user back to their emotional center.

Physical:  Great for overcoming addition and supports recovery/ sobriety.  Promotes healthy balance of hormones.  Relieves tinnitus.  Aids in restful sleep.  Helps to regular digestive system.