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Q: How do I measure myself for waist beads?

A: Most waist beads are worn at the actual waist ( below the breasts and above the navel). You are welcome to wear them in any position of the abdomen you desire. Use a tape measure to measure the area  in inches you would like your waist beads to lay. If your measurements are not listed please email: Info@SoPhiBeautyBeads.com

Q: Do waist beads help with weight lost/ management?

A: Waist beads are an excellent tool to monitor your weight/ size. If your waist beads begin to get tighter, roll up, or even pop you know that you are getting bigger. As your waist beads begin to fall lower and lower you know that you are loosing weight. This is why a lot of women really like waist beads as a simple tool to use during their weight lost journey, or just as a size monitor.

Q: Can I wear waist beads while pregnant/ how do I measure while pregnant?

A:Yes! When measuring for waist beads while pregnant you can either measure below your baby bump, across your navel, or slightly above the navel. It is a personal preference, if you measure across your baby bump (navel) or above as your belly grows your waist beads will slide up higher little by little as your little life begins to grow.

Q: What type of material is the string made of ?

A: The beads are threaded on to a stretch elastic string.

Q: Will the beads stretch if I gain weight?

A:Yes, but only a little. The beads are threaded tightly on the string that only allows a little room for growth. If you become much bigger than the ordered size the string can pop. Please be mindful of weight gain.

Q: Do I have to tie my string?

A: No! Unlike traditional waist beads on a cotton string that has to be tied, these modern day strings come with clasps that can be used to easily remove the waist beads.

Q: Are the clasps nickel free?

A: Yes.